Trading In With Best Buy: What You Have To Fully Understand

Best Buy Phone Trade-In Service: Is It The Best?

Best Buy Phone Trade-In Service: Is It The Best?

Just recently, Best Buy published its fresh out of the box new Buy Back Program with an odd and a bit confusing business offering which was advertised by Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne. Essentially, for a charge, Best Buy will now make a settlement with you to purchase back your gadgets for 10 to 50 percent of their unique retail cost on the off chance that you choose you’re prepared for an early upgrade of your hand held device. However is this new service truly worth the trouble? Figure out below as we discuss the things that you need to understand in trading in with Best Buy.

The Basics: Things Which Starters Need To Know

Here’s the way it meets expectations. Much like Best Buy’s Warranty program, when you buy a thing from Best Buy, the clerk will inquire as to whether you’d jump at the chance to select that thing in the Buy Back Program — there is a charge to go along with it. In the event that you give back your item in 100-percent great condition — working request with the receipt, all the first parts, and legitimate documentation — Best Buy will provide for you cash once more for your gadget, contingent upon how old it is. Laptops, netbooks, tablets, and telephones are just returnable inside two years. Tvs could be returned for a low rate for up to four years. Accepting the deal, Best Buy will provide for you a gift card for the sum it owes you. You must use that gift card only in Best Buy.

In A Nutshell

So, when you buy something from them, if you say that you are willing to sell your phone in the future, you can apply for a trade-in program for an additional fee. You can then trade your phone later for a gift card , not cold cash, which you can only use within the confines of the store.

Basic Plan Payments on Signing Up For A Trade-In Program

So essentially, here is a comprehensive list of how much it would potentially cost you to sign up for a trade in program:

  • Laptops and Netbooks – $69.99
  • Tablets – $69.99
  • Cellular Phones ($349.99 or less) – $39.99
  • Cellular Phones ($350 and that’s just the beginning) – $59.99
  • Tvs ($499.99 or less) – $59.99
  • Tvs ($500-$1,199.99) – $99.99
  • Tvs ($1,200-$2,499.99) – $179.99
  • Tvs ($2,500-$4,999.99) – $299.99

How Much Can You Get Back

After say a few months or a year of purchasing the item and deciding to sing up for the trade-in system, you can trade your phones in for a specific amount of gift card:

  • 50% back – up to 6 months old
  • 40% back – 6-12 months old
  • 30% back – 12-year and a half old
  • 20% back – 18-24 months old
  • 10% back 24-48 months old

Breaking It Down

Say for example you bought a phone that costs $300. You have to pay an additional $39.99 if you sign-up for the trade in program. If you do, and you exchanged your phone after 6 months, you will be getting $150. So minus the fees, you will have a net income of $111.

Analysis And Conclusion

Well, this isn’t that bad really. However, you have to understand that this is far lesser compared to some stores such as EcoATM or Ebay. Also, you are not paid in cold cash which makes it less appealing. However, if you are someone who enjoys shopping at Best Buy, then by all means this rate is already generous enough. Also, if you are a person who loves to buy the latest phone model, then the timeframe of 6 months would be perfect for you. In conclusion, whether or not you would choose Best Buy, the choice boils down in your preference, buying pattern and mode of payment.