Timex Ironman Target Trainer Heart Rate Monitor


The sleek touch screen Timex Ironman Target Trainer Heart Rate Monitor is intended for runners and anyone who wants to monitor their progress during an exercise. Its functions, especially the heart rate monitoring function, are mostly designed to guide runners into reaching their goals. Some user are usually particular when it comes to their training watch and are not pleased with the idea of having it as touch screen, but no worries, you can also turn off the touch feature and use the buttons instead.

Heart Rate Monitor

What’s great about the Timex Target Trainer is you can actually personalize your training result by entering your weight, height, age and resting heart rate. It would very easy since you will be prompted the moment you begin using the watch. By personalizing, you will get accurate results about your burnt calories and pace.

You can also set your heart rate target zone in which you can set an alarm once you have synced the heart monitor, which is strap around your chest, and sensor. Every time you reach that particular target your watch will alarm informing you that you were able to reach it. Setting the alarm is easy, you can either set it to beep before you have reached your zone or after you have reached it, it’s really up to you for as long as you monitor your heart rate.

Monitoring your heart rate during training or exercise is crucial since it would be your yardstick for progress and improvement. If you notice that your heart rate monitor’s backlight is dimmer, by then it is time to replace the battery.

Based on your previous information, from the beginning of your workout using the watch, you will be given a training summary. Through the Trainingpeaks website, you will be able to download training programs and view your data. The watch has the capacity to record up to 50 miles of data so you can actually use it for a few trainings and running before you upload your information.

The Timex Ironman Target Trainer also has a chronograph which enables user to time their activities and set laps during running. Although it doesn’t have a GPS it is still perfect for ultra-marathoners and trainers.


  • Display heart rate as beats per minute or percent of maximum
  • Recovery heart rate timer
  • Calculates calories burned during exercise
  • 3-Workout memory with 200 laps maximum
  • 8 linked interval timers – each with it’s own target zone and label
  • Nutrition and hydration alerts remind you to replenish at regular intervals
  • Max heart rate zone calculation – automatically sets your five training zones
  • 100 hour chronograph with lap and split – your choice in large digits
  • Target time pacer gives slow, fast or on-pace audible feedback when laps are logged
  • Touch-screen technology logs lap/split with a firm tap on the screen
  • 200 lap total memory with average heart rate per lap
  • 100 hour 2 mode countdown timer (countdown stop – countdown repeat)
  • 3 alarms – daily, weekday, weekend, or weekly with 5 minute backup
  • Full featured watch with calendar
  • Includes New Flex Tech digital heart rate sensor with user changeable battery
  • Indiglo backlight for easy low light viewing
  • Water resistant to 100m
  • 1 year warranty