Techie Guide: Shedding Light on the Smart TV


The 2010’s is known as the decade that ushered in the inception of one of the most iconic innovations of all time – smartphones. So, it is only fitting that people will milk out different ideas based on the concept of interactive experience. Having “smart” properties on certain devices seemed destined to happen after the overwhelming popularity of smartphones. It was a no-brainer that televisions will be given identical features of smartphones. After all, having a TV at home is a necessity in the information age.

Consumer Electronics

What was simply a mere idea a few years ago has materialized – a television that can be activated through hand gestures and voice recognition. If you do not own one yet, you might not be convinced of its capability. Your friends might tell you that you need a Smart TV if you want your home to be deemed as a true home in their eyes. It’s understandable that you’re not invested with the idea of purchasing a Smart TV. This is largely due to the fact that you know very little about this technology.

So, what is all the fuss about the Smart TV? Read further to find out:

An Introduction to Smart TV

Similar to a smartphone, a Smart TV provides a slew of internet connected services that are not found in typical televisions. Think of having a computer and a television that were merged together to form a completely different device.  Its unique computer-like qualities allow you to download apps, watch videos via web browsing, search certain sites and even play games.

The Need for Such Device

Aside from its enticing features, the Smart TV has changed people’s perception towards televisions. Back then, televisions only served one purpose; to entertain people as it serves as a medium to watch different shows. Now, people can maximize their viewing experience – and more – because distinct features have been incorporated.

The thought of missing on your favorite shows due to conflicting schedules is frustrating. Thankfully, you can keep up with them by using an app that can be installed on your Smart TV. In addition, a Smart TV is capable of streaming media from your phone or computer through a system known as DLNA.

What Can You Do with a Smart TV?

With the exception of some of the programs that are found on a computer – word processing and email – you can basically use your Smart TV as your own computer. You can browse different sites – watch the latest episode of your favorite show on YouTube or post updates on your social media accounts. There are some brands that include a Flash feature for a better interactive experience.

The Apps of the Smart TV

You’ll have access to different apps on your Smart TV at the homepage. Individual app stores also have links found on your homepage. The apps that are found in app stores are free, but manufacturers are planning on having paid apps as well. Smart TV apps aren’t that vast yet, but some of the generic apps can be found such as radio, entertainment, weather and games.