The Basis Carbon Steel Edition: Quick Look Towards Pure Genius

The Basis: From Box To Features, This Monster Will Never Disappoint You

The Basis: From Box To Features, This Monster Will Never Disappoint You

A lot of people have been investing in sports calorie burn monitors nowadays. And as prices become one of the most determining factor in purchasing these items, few calorie burn monitors that can be seen now in the market are really at good quality- in terms of hardware and software. This is exactly the reason why we turned into the basis carbon steel edition- a calorie burn monitor which promises good quality right from the packaging. But is it really that worth it? Is it really a good purchase at the end of the day? Let us find out through this review.

Packaging Gives A Great Impression

Well, right from the packaging, we can already say a lot about it. We ordered a unit from their company and on the following day, it was already on our mail. The packaging contains a box that is sophisticated yet minimalistic. Inside, the monitor in a watch like form sits safely in an elegant cushion pad. We were pleased at this. But the packaging doesn’t consist all of it right? Hence we dug in deeper to it.

Hardware Wise

We looked at its hardware next. The Basis is indeed made of a steel but with a carbon like texture. In many industries today, carbon steel is used to manufacture the most durable materials for small gadgets. This enable gadgets to withstand pressure and any bumps that you may incur while you are doing your fitness regime. Looking at the display, the glass is built strongly and is almost scratch-resistant. We do love the simple minimalistic design of the whole gadget since it gives an elegant yet sophisticated feel towards the whole package. Hardware wise, we would really say that a lot of effort and attention was put into it. We do appreciate the kind of hardware effort that was put into this unit.

Testing Its Responsiveness

The next thing we had to test is the unit’s speed and responsiveness. Of course this would be equally crucial since with a lagging unit, you wouldn’t be able to accurately measure the amount of calories you have burned or the number of steps you have undertaken either. Hence we tried on switching from one menu to another, one feature to another and turning it on and off. We were surprised that this was by far the most responsive gadget that we have ever tried. There was almost no delay in switching menus and features and restarting the gadget was a simple thing to do.


Just like any other calorie burn meters, the basis carbon steel edition sports a pedometer, a calorie burn meter, a heart rate monitor and a sleeping pattern analyzer. All of these can then again be synced and analyzed in your smartphones. We didn’t find anything new or striking in terms of its features but it functions perfectly well and fine just like any other calorie burn meter out there. It measures the calories burned through the person’s gender, age, meters run and the time of the exercise as well. We do believe this algorithm is fairly accurate since these are also the same standards that we use in exercise regimes.


Well as far as we have used this machine, we could say that it is above average in terms of the materials used and the longevity of the gadget itself. If asked about the features, it is pretty much straight forward with no further fancy or unnecessary features. It is fast and really accurate. We would say that this gadget is really worth your money in the end.