Why are Smartphones a Threat to Compact Digital Cameras?


Smartphones continue to improve every time out, and why not? It’s arguably the most popular device of this era. With so much hype that surrounds them, smartphones have practically overshadowed other gadgets. One device that has taken a step back due to the popularity of smartphones is the digital camera. The rise of app-heavy smartphones poses a threat to digital cameras. People feel that they no longer need a camera if they have a smartphone that is capable of taking quality photographs.

Consumer Electronics

Similar to the ascension of computers back in the 90’s, smartphones have also leapfrogged its way into relevance because of its unique features. It is widely known that smartphones have cameras that are a tad similar to average quality digital cameras. The masses have accepted this notion that one does not need to own a camera in order to take priceless memories. This has alerted some of the leading camera manufacturers. They fear that the continued development of these smartphones may someday further reduce consumers of digital cameras.

The Use of Filters and Effects

Yes, smartphones pale in comparison to the real thing – digital cameras have a higher resolution, resulting in better quality of the photos. However, smartphones can produce photos that are respectable in terms of quality. Pixelated photos can be edited by using apps that have all sorts of features. There are apps that are a poor man’s version of Photoshop, which comes in handy when editing photos. You can remove redeye, crop out unwanted people and even add a splash of colors to your photo. Some of these features cannot be found on your regular digital camera.


One thing that really ticks off a lot of people is the complicated buttons found on a DSLR camera. If there’s a particular moment that you want to capture, you can’t do it right away because you’d have to deal with the camera’s intricate buttons. It’s a bit sad to know that you might have had a great photo, but your lack of knowledge of a DSLR camera – or even a digital camera – stopped you on your tracks.

A smartphone doesn’t require much work as the buttons are as simple as it gets. You’ll basically just click the middle button and then you got yourself a photo that you can edit on the fly.


Admit it, carrying a camera with you – albeit a small one – seems like a burden when you already have a smartphone on hand. People tend to bring less stuff with them when they’re traveling, so keeping a digital camera seems pointless when you already have a device that can do the same job.

The Price

Both devices are roughly the same when it comes to price – except probably for the rate of a DSLR. With that said, people would rather own a smartphone than a digital camera. That’s because a camera is only one dimensional; its only purpose is to give you photos. On the other hand, a smartphone is more versatile because you can do so much with it.