Samsung Smart Gear Fit Review: Merging A Smartwatch with A Fitness Gear


It is sleek and stylish: But is it equally reliable? Find out in this review

It is sleek and stylish: But is it equally reliable? Find out in this review

            The Samsung Smart Gear Fit was one of the three major flagship smartwatches that waas announced and released by the Korean smartphone company Samsung after their series of success in the field of smart phone. They promised that this piece of art and technology can satisfy every customer’s need, technologically wise as well as in fitness. But is it really worth a try?

                After getting our hands on this new eye candy, we tried it immediately and after a week, here we are with a new review on this product. In a nutshell, this is not a negative review or even one that will convince you to buy this product, rather this is an honest review that aims to seek out both the advantages and disadvantages of this product. So here it goes guys!

Hardware and Over-all Look

Nobody would ever want to wear a fitness gear that looks like a weird device or an oversized watch right? Hence, looks can be a factor when it comes to choosing for a fitness gear. Overall, this fitness gear is really beautiful. It borrows all the smartphone-ish looks of it from its smartphone cousin the S5. Its 1.84 inch curved AMOLED screen is a lot larger and longer compared to its competitors. It has over 10 menu option displays to choose from and displays bright colored wallpapers that would instantly invite people’s attention especially if you are jogging. Its base is plastic however, you would not notice it- in fact, its curve fits perfectly in your hands. It also has a small USB connector, a pair of sensors for your pulse and heart rate and a couple of bands which you could interchange in order to create a new feeling and style.

However, what we do not like somehow is that you still need to turn its brightness high in order for you to view its display outdoor, a common problem with smartphones. However, this little inconvenience of not having a sensor is forgivable, after all its battery life is quite good and it also looks and feels good in your wrist.

Fitness Options

But apart from all the beauty and the attention that this eye candy can bring to you, the bottom line is still the same, is this watch good enough to be your fitness coach? For starters, this watch has, by default displays it pedometer which measures the amount of steps you have taken so far while walking. Also, it can measure your heart rate sweating rate, and even monitor your sleeping patterns. All of these data are imported, synced and analyzed in any of your smartphone. If your smartphone is Samsung however, all these data can be analyzed by their app that would tell you your current goals and analyze how far you have achieved it.

Also, it measures and tracks how many hours you have slept, how many calories you have burned from an exercise and while walking or running, it will signal you to stop, slow down, or go faster through analyzing your pulse rate. You can also tell the machine what kind of exercise you are doing in order to give a more specialized analysis on the amount of calories you just burned.

What We Think Should Be Improved and Should You Buy It?

However, we just think that the accuracy of the pulse rate as well as the pedometer should be improved a bit since sometimes it goes off the mark. Also, we would like to add a separate GPS system in the watch so that one would need not bring a phone while exercising.

But apart from all these things, the gadget is nonetheless not a disappointment. If you are a techy and at the same time a fitness buff, then this gadget would suit you best. It does lack some specialized options, but nonetheless, it is a fairly decent fitness gadget.