Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch Review


Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch ReviewThis device is a younger sibling to the Polar V800 and is simply one of the best fitness devices to make a crossover between a fitness band and a GPS sports watch. It is also wallet-friendly since it can be purchased for an affordable price of $179. It can offer a full tracking of your activities all at the power of your wrist. This can certainly count as your fitness partner whenever you perform various workouts.

Design and Build

This device is solely built as a running watch that has some intelligent features attached to it. The strap is very comfortable to wear on the wrist and the watch face may be a bit smaller yet it is more ergonomic. It contains a high-contrast display that makes it easy to view your stats even when you’re under direct sunlight. It only weighs in at 56.6g and is 11.5mm thick which makes it perfect for that overall comfort.


The data displayed has all the basics including pacing, distance, altitude, and the calories burned. The built-in accelerometer of the device allows it to keep track of the activity, steps and sleep of the user. It will also give you a bit of a nudge if ever you’ve been inactive for quite too long. Perhaps the most useful feature is that Back to Start where it will guide you back to your home via the most direct route with the help of a GPS marker stored at every beginning of your run.

Apps and Web Tools

With the help of Bluetooth Smart Technology, you can easily sync all your data to a connected smartphone. Your vitals will be stored in a Polar Flow app and web tool wherein they both can offer a competitive range of choices to help improve your training. No matter what fitness level you are currently in, the Polar Flow is simply a great tracking tool for your workout needs.

Battery Life

Another notable thing about the M400 is its outstanding battery life. It is capable of enduring up to 8 hours’ worth of GPS tracking. The battery life simply makes it a competitive one among the other running watches in the same category. Also, if you plan on using it for a general watch mode or perhaps track your day-to-day activities then it can simply last for somewhere around 21 days. This simply provides a lot more than the other fitness bands in the market.