Mio ALPHA Heart Rate Sport Watch


The innovation in sport watches has been overrated, such as the heart rate monitoring functions. Although it has been embraced fully by all athletes, trainers and those who engage in activities such as mountaineering, sky diving or even a simple exercise, they were simply not comfortable with the fact that you have to wear a heart rate chest strap all throughout the activity and so comes the Mio ALPHA Heart Rate Sport Watch.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Mio, known for producing fitness and sports watches, has found a way to get rid of the heart rate chest strap and replace it instead with a tiny beaming light from the backside of the watch that passes through the capillaries which will eventually be able to monitor the heart rate continuously. There is an electro-optical cell that senses a color pattern in your skin which indicates your heart rate.

A confirmation tone is heard once the device has found your heart rate. Once you have started with your workout, the watch will emit a beeping sound if you have reached your target heart rate zone. If you hear two beeps, it means you are already above your heart rate zone. A flash of red light would also be seen on the screen if you are above and blue if you are below. Monitoring your heart rate will enable you to maximize your training and perform at your peak while at the same time controlling the intensity of your workout.

It may look a bit bulky but once you have worn it, it really is comfortable around your wrist. The strap is made of silicone and has a snug fit and has plenty of holes for adjustment, wrists of all sizes could basically use it. It has a large and clear display which enables user to read information even when running at a fast pace.

You could easily pair it with a GPS tracking app using your smartphones or iPhone. You could also record your heart rate data and measure speed, distance and pace using the same compatible phone with a Bluetooth Smart.

It seems that the Mio ALPHA heart rate sport watch is incredible, however there are some drawbacks.

First is the fact that it is a bit expensive considering that it has limited functionality. You may want to silence your watch from beeping, especially if you are following a workout routine where your heart rate tends to fluctuate. And of course, with all the technological advancement of sport watches these days, GPS tracking is just one of those that you really want to have in your wrist. Unfortunately, the Mio ALPHA doesn’t have it. Although it stores data, you can’t really transfer it to a PC or laptop since it lacks PC connectivity. I guess that’s another drawback.

Nevertheless, here are the highlights of the Mio ALPHA Heart Rate Sport Watch:

  • Continuous Heart Rate Display
  • User-settable heart rate zones with visual and audible alarms
  • NO chest strap needed
  • Displays (total exercise time; average heart rate; time “in zone”)
  • Bluetooth Smart Wireless transmitter
  • Stretchable silicone wristband with secure snap
  • Tri-color LED heart rate zones
  • Rechargeable battery, USB charging dock with magnetic alignment
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 or 4S