The Best CES 2015 Washing Machine: LG Twin Wash


Twin Wash

LG has truly proven itself that when it comes to electronics, nothing beats their creativity. As what they believe, it’s not just about having the latest home electronics, but it’s experiencing the best of what technology can create. That is definitely what LG’s new Twin Wash Washing Machine is all about as it was recognized as the best washing machine of 2015 in the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When you take a look back in the past, it’s quite amazing how washing machines began as wash boards imitating the scrubbing motions of the hands to wooden machines powered by fire. Thanks to a loving husband, William Blackstone and the washing machine he invented as a gift for his wife, people began to see the convenience this appliance can offer at home.

After the first electric powered washing machine, Thor, was invented in 1908 by the Hurley Machine Company of Chicago, Illinois, numerous innovations have sprung up to meet the needs and wants of a growing consumer base. And the latest of all these innovations which caught a lot of attention during the world’s largest showcase of electronics this 2015 is LG’s Twin Washing Machine.

The LG Twin Wash has truly redefined the concept of doing laundry at home. Having two washers with a smaller one (mini washer) built underneath a larger one (main washer) and allowing washing of two loads simultaneously, it is the very first of its kind.

LG truly understands its consumers and knows very well how to meet their needs. We all know that time is usually the greatest challenge in getting our clothes all cleaned up, but with the mini washer in LG’s Twin Wash System, delicate clothes can now be washed simultaneously with another load inside your main washer. Also, it is equipped with a wifi system that prompts you if your laundry is already done. This is through an installed app in your LG mobile smartphones. Now we’re talking, right?

With it’s Turbo Wash 2.0 speed cycle technology, the Twin Wash doesn’t just assure you of faster but of effective cleaning as well. It has twin nozzles that spray concentrated detergent liquid on the clothes and a high pressure nozzle above the drum to make sure clothes are rinsed properly. This lessens water usage and wastage.

Its Turbo Steam feature is 50% faster compared to other dryers and is gentle to your clothes. During the drying cycle, it releases steam, sanitizing and reducing shrinkage, over drying and wrinkling of your clothes. The LG Eco Hybrid dryer with its heat pump technology gives a very efficient way of drying clothes by recycling heat using only 53% of the usual electrical consumption of other washing machines. So much true that it’s recognized by the Emerging Electronic Award (ETA) as one of the certified dryers in the market.

The LG Twin Wash has truly represented the company well in providing electronics that are responsive, intuitive and energy efficient. It really works best for anyone because not everyone might need a garage opener or an internet connected thermostat, but every adult surely needs a washing machine in the house.