The Best of CES 2015 Smartphones: LG Flex 2


The experts have decided and the verdict for the best latest technological advancement on smart mobile phones goes to LG Flex 2. This was after more than 150 electronic innovators from startups to multinational players showcased the best of what they have during the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada and LG Corporation has proven itself true to its mission that when it comes to the best consumer electronics experience, they are the champion and nothing beats their curves.

The New Curve

LG is the original precursor of the radical change in smartphones by the introduction of the very first curved phone in the world, LG Flex, last 2013. Fully determined to push their ingeniousness and intuitiveness further, they later on released a follow up this 2015 that has truly bended their technological boundaries, the LG Flex 2.

Although the two phones look quite similar, the new dimensions and features of the LG Flex 2 raise it to the top for those who are looking for some fresh innovation.

Sleeker Design

The LG Flex 2 goes beyond the 700mm radius curved profile of its forerunner by its symphony of 400mm to 700mm radius curves across the front, back, sides and top to bottom edges. The curvature makes the mouthpiece closer to the user’s mouth enhancing sound quality during calls. Its screen is half an inch smaller as well with a measurement of 5.5”. With a smaller screen and new curve design, the LG Flex 2 fits perfectly in every user’s grip and gives better viewing experience from every angle. It comes with two beautiful choices of colors: Platinum silver and Flamenco red.

Higher Resolution

Because of a more manageable screen size and with LG’s latest O-LED screen technology, LG Flex 2 has improved its resolution from 720p to 1080p. This is also true to all pictures taken by its 13 MP and 2.1 MP rear and front cameras. Now you can also capture your best moments in life whether moving or at night with its auto laser focus, optical image stabilization and dim settings.

Faster Self-Healing

LG Flex 2 is undoubtedly more durable than any curved phones and other smartphones. Although it doesn’t really flex as much, testing it with some push using your fingers proves this true. Also, if the first Flex takes 10 minutes before light back scratches fade away, now it only takes 10 seconds. That’s 60 times faster!

Better Specs

In the inside of this new Flex is the latest of Qualcomm’s new system of chips for 2015, the Snapdragon 810 processor. It promises 64-bit computing on 8 CPU cores, speeds of 2.0GHz and is designed to enable the most advanced smartphone experience including 4K Ultra HD video, sharing top quality digital photos, online 3D gaming, seamless communications and longer battery life. Its 3,000 mAh battery lets you charge up to 50% in just 40 minutes. As to memory and storage capacity, it has 2GB of RAM, on board storage of 16GB to 32GB and a micro SD slot that maxes out to 2TB.

Other Awesome Features

Perfect selfies are now easier to capture and check using LG Flex 2’s Gesture Shot and Gesture View. Its Glance View feature lets you check key information such as time, recent messages and missed calls by simply swiping downward even if the display is off.