The Best of CES 2015 4k Ultra HDTV: LG 77” EG9900 4K Flexible OLED TV


Flex TV

LG made a lot of noise by earning a lot of awards in this year’s largest display of consumer electronics in the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas, Nevada. It has proven for 41 times in 41 different awards that when it comes to innovation that matters, they are the company that best delivers it. And one of the crowd favorites was the stunning LG 77” EG9900 4K Flexible OLED TV, winning the best of CES 2015 4k Ultra HDTV.

No doubt, Television has grown to be a necessity in every household all over the world. You can probably live without internet, but not without TV. You just can’t afford to miss your favorite show! And LG’s 4k Flexible OLED TV makes your watching experience all the more exciting. Its 4k resolution and brilliant colors creates an illusion that it’s as if you’re watching the real thing!

LG has been committed in providing customers with high quality TVs ranging from LED, UHD, Smart and 3D TVs that fit the people’s viewing needs. This year, they have focused their innovativeness in pursuing OLEDs offering seven new 4k OLED TVs with varying sizes from 55 to 77 inches, all with their exclusive WRGB OLED technology.

Their WRGB technology creates an impressive picture quality from vibrant colors and high definition imagery. Its infinite contrast ratio, producing the brightest of whites and deepest of blacks, causes perfect colors that is regulated well despite variations in brightness. It also has a pixel structure wherein an unfiltered white sub pixel is added to the traditional red, green and blue colors to increase color accuracy and vibrancy. So whether it’s too dark or the sunlight’s too bright inside your living room, it doesn’t matter at all when you have the LG 4k Flex OLED TV.

If your full HD TV is already working best for you, imagine what it’s like to have a TV that’s four times better! The LG 4k Flex OLED TV has a four times resolution of a 1080p full HD creating ultra-clear pictures even on larger screens. To further enhance viewers watching experience, LG has partnered with Harman/Kardon in developing a deep and rich sound quality to complement with its 4k HD picture quality producing a spectacular overall viewing experience.

All of LG’s OLED TVs use its new proprietary smart TV platform, WebOS 2.0. It promises more user-friendly features delivering a simpler, easier and customized viewing enhancement. Booting time has been reduced to up to 60% and connectivity to other external devices is more spontaneous. For a more personalized TV, viewers are also able to customize the menus in their Launcher bar.

As for the aesthetics, the LG 4k Flex TV is truly creativity in itself. Its slim design gives it a sleeker and very modern look and its transparent base creates an illusion for the TV that it’s as if it’s floating. I personally like the innovativeness in its transparent base because it adds an immersive touch to customers’ viewing experience. As its name implies as well, it is flat but at the same time can be flexible with just some pressing of buttons in the remote control. Flexing does not affect the picture quality but rather only assures better viewing in different angles.