How To Gain Some Extra Cash With Your Old Phone

Throw your phone no more. Do you know that you can earn from your OLD mobile phone?

Throw your phone no more. Do you know that you can earn from your OLD mobile phone?

Every six months or so, new models of smart phones come out. If you are the type of person who thinks that getting the latest models of a phone is a good way to spend money, then perhaps you might have lots of spare phones by now who aren’t necessarily damaged but are just “obsolete” if viewed from the lens of an avid phone collector. Yes your lifestyle is a bit costly, perhaps you are earning a lot- but have you given a thought to what if there’s a way for you to earn from your phone, would you do it?

Perhaps your phone might be damaged and that you need to buy a new one. Have you ever thought for a second that indeed you could recoup a percent of what cost you in the first place of purchasing that phone by trading it?

Yes, Yes, I am talking exactly about you guys- owners of phones that are ancient for hobbyists, cracked or slightly damaged. I will be teaching you different tricks on how you can convert your phone into cash easily. Obviously it wouldn’t provide you a holiday trip in a five star resort but the return of your investment is pretty much decent and worth the effort!


So that’s the most important question. How much can you expect from your old broken phone? Or from a relatively new slightly damaged smart phone? The answer depends on several things. Is your phone model new or is it absolutely outdated? Is it or did it used to be relatively popular? Is its technology and parts still used in today’s phones? How damaged is it? Is it still new or how old is it?

The final price would depend variably on those things and will depend on how the shop appraises it. Perhaps the maximum price that you can get from a premium smart phone that is slightly damage but still working and isn’t that outdated yet is $350. If your phone is too old, outdated and damaged, then you can get a couple of dollars from it. Other phone types and conditions would be appraised somewhere in the middle. The thing is, if you sell these things somewhere else, no one would even buy it or if someone buys it in eBay, it would be too low.


You would want to sell them all at once so that the cost for transportation, your effort and time wouldn’t be spent too much. Look for old cell phones in your closet, perhaps under the bed or on drawers. Hunt all your items as well as for your siblings or kids- you would really want to sell them in one go, unless you are willing to go back and forth, spending each time much effort compared to the individual returns you are going to get from the phones.


                If you find your phone as slightly damaged or that its glass is broken- don’t stress yourself. Trying to get that fixed would most likely just cost you nearly the price of a newer model.  And if you are planning to sell that on online stores like eBay- well good luck on that- either no one would buy it or its worth would be so low you would ask yourself if it was worth the effort to even post it to begin with.

Our advice- buy a new one and sell it on recycling systems! EcoATM, one of the few stores that buy damaged or used phones can be a good pick. It is a small kiosk where one can actually sell and deal their old cellphones and sooner or later, other gadgets such as tablets. With almost 800 units scattered over USA, you can find one near your place. And the good thing about it is that- they are expanding so you can expect this service to get more popular in the near future.


So you now have your phone, the store is right in front of you, but the thing is, what to do next? Simple- put your phone in the machine. The machine scans your phone and after scanning it, based on its current market value as well as its current condition, the machine will offer a price. If you want the deal say yes, and the machine automatically gives you the money- just like an ATM!

For security purposes, the machine would be asking for your driving license and finger print scan. It will also take  a photo of you. These are all necessary precautions to prevent theft and other bad things.


                EcoATM isn’t the only store in town that will offer you trade-ins and buy back services. Although EcoATM in essence is fast, reliable and legitimate, there are still other stores that may offer better deals. For example, Best Buy or Amazon can give you better deals on some phones, BUT NOT ALL. Gamestop, RadioShack, and other retailers actually have jumped into the bandwagon of buying off phones that are slightly damaged

However, EcoATM is the only service that buys phones that are relatively old as of the moment. Most stores and services are very particular with the age so they might not accept other phones. However, you must not limit your choices. You should know that some stores will buy your phone at a higher price compared to some other stores but this does not mean that they have better deals AT ALL INSTANCES AND PHONES. For example, Amazon buys iPhones at a higher price compared to EcoATM. But when it comes to Samsung phones, EcoATM has better deals. Also, some will not accept phones that are too old or were damaged by water.

Hence, the sub-conclusion is that you should survey well which store will buy your phone at a higher price. If you want the highest possible returns, then most likely you really have to search hard and do your best.


                Aside from finding the best deals, you should also know how you can and will be paid. For example, EcoATM offers money as a payment- ATM style. Others do not follow this pat-out option. Others will offer you checks. Best Buy can pay you in the form of gift checks on their shops. Meanwhile, some may wait for your phone to be shipped, then after they evaluate your product, a week or so, you will be paid through PayPal. In order to avoid conflicts and incompatibilities in the future, it would be best to research the pay-out method of each store.


As a conclusion, there is really a value still beneath your old phones. Never throw them away for you might be able to enjoy some treats due to them. Start hunting now for the phones and keep on checking our site for in the following weeks, we will be updating you with the latest prices, tips and tricks and more guides in recycling your old cellular phones. Start the search now and get a return from the phones that you once owned.