Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Review


Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Review

The Garmin Vivofit is a fitness tracker that sits tightly on your wrist. The Swiss Company that is responsible in making such a device is no stranger to manufacturing data-tracking hardware whether it may be cycling computers or running watches. For this time around, Garmin removed the GPS and put their focus more on counting the steps and in making gradual improvements to the everyday life of every individual on the planet. It costs at around £99 which surely makes it one of the most desirable fitness trackers in the industry.

The Design

This fitness band only weighs at about 25.5g making it as light as the other ones out there. A great advantage of this device is that it is water resistant for up to 50m deep which surely makes it ideal for fitness enthusiasts who likes to take their work out on a watery environment. It also has an always-on LCD display which makes it easy for you to glance down and take a look at your stats without any further movement. This fitness band is simply comfortable to wear through day and night without irritating your skin after enduring a sweaty workout.


The Vivofit has 2 great ways of keeping you motivated all-throughout your workout routine. The first one is the inactivity bar where a red line appears at the top of the LCD display whenever you have remained idle for an hour. If you stay inactive for a long time then the larger that red line grows. The second one is the personalized goals where it can be an effective way to keep you moving and give you more of a push. By keeping up with your daily goal, your target will continue to increase and provide you with more intensity.


If there’s one thing you’ll love about the Vivofit then it’s the battery life. Instead of using a charging cradle or microUSB, it requires two replaceable CR1632 coin cell batteries to keep it running. It can run for up to a year which means that you can definitely use this fitness band for more times than you should. This can be very convenient to use at any time you want without worrying about the battery life from dying out.

Overall, this fitness tracker is something that you will find worthy to use for only a value of £99. Despite only a few features, it can be perfect for any fitness goal that you plan on using it for.