FitBit One Tracker: A look Into This New Tracker System

FitBit One Tracker: Can be worn as a watch or hooked in your pants or pockets for easier tracking

FitBit One Tracker: Can be worn as a watch or hooked in your pants or pockets for easier tracking

Many sports enthusiasts have been wanting to find and unbox the best sports fitness trackers there is available in the whole world. The Fitbit One tracker might just be one of those few efficient trackers that many have been dying to test out. This is the reason why our team decided to test out one gadget and see for ourselves on whether or not this less than a hundred dollar fitness tracker can really do something good for us or is it just a letdown for those future buyers. Without further explanation we go directly to the Fitbit review.

Price and General Features

One of the most important aspect of a fitness tracker is its price. Most likely you wouldn’t want to spend too much for a gadget that will not do anything else, but conversely you would also wouldn’t mind spending more if ever that gadget can do relatively more tasks compared to others. In light with this issue, the Fitbit tracker is sold at an average of $89-$99 which is obviously $50 dollars less compared to other competing fitness tracking system. We checked what could be the reason for this and it is basically due to the fact that it lacks colorful screens and fancy designs. But performance and feature wise, it still has the crucial and needed functionality for most trackers, that is a pedometer, a calorie burn monitor, a sleep tracker, and more surprisingly, an added feature which is a counter of the number of stair case steps you have achieved. All of these features are tightly packed in a less than 100 dollar price which is obviously great for those who are conscious of the quality of product that they purchase with their money.

Design and Ergonomics

If we try to look at the design of the FitBit, it doesn’t quite click in on the first look. This is due to its peculiar hook type design. It has a clip in mechanism that is to be clipped in your clothes or items but really it doesn’t hold much. Hence, we would like to point out that looking out for your gadget from time to time due to the danger of it falling. We would be more than happy if FItBit decides to change this design on the next gadgets that they would be producing.

Speed, responsiveness, Syncing

As far as the syncing process is concerened, we are happy with the seamless syncing of it towards your iPhone app. This speed is great since it doesn’t lag or go unresponsive. Due to its simple design and coding, it is also fast and really compared to other gadgets, it doesn’t lag so much and it just works smoothly. If on the design aspect of it we were not that satisfied, in terms of its speed and responsiveness, we were really happy with the results.

Accuracy and Reliability

In terms of the accuracy of the app, we tried to test its calorie burning meter with a series of equation that we got from a dietician. We also tested its stairway step counter. All of these tests managed to have a margin of error of less that 20 percent which we think is already pretty decent for an app.


To conclude it all, we do believe that this entry level gadget is already a nice start for anyone who wants to track down their improvement in terms of any fitness regime they are undergoing. We also would like to take note of its ultra-low price which we think is an added value to anyone out there who are conscious of the things that they buy.