EcoATM: How Does It Work And Why It Has An Edge Over The Others

EcoATM: Why Is It Considered The Best In Phone Trade In Programs?

EcoATM: Why Is It Considered The Best In Phone Trade In Programs?

SAN DIEGO – Holiday customers are utilizing an administration from a San Diego-based organization to get some fast money as they shop through selling out their already used phones. “We’ve paid out a huge number of dollars in clients and have hundreds and many clients as of right now,” said Ecoatm CEO Tom Tullie.

So what Is EcoATM?

Ecoatm is a physical booth where you can offer your gadgets and smartphones, and soon your tablets (this is in trial) and exchange them with cold cash. The process is fairly simple as it is just like you are purchasing a bottle of cola in a vending machine. There are at present 800 units in shopping centers crosswise over America, with outlets keeping on sprouting almost everywhere.

How Does It Work?

Basically, Ecoatm examines your telephone and contrasts it with a database with make an offer focused around the telephone’s business sector quality and current condition. On the off chance that you concede and agree with their pricing and terms – and yes, you can still decline if you think the offer is not good enough – the machine releases cash on the spot.

However, it does oblige someone a driver’s permit and a thumbprint output to utilize, and it likewise takes a picture of you while you are having the transaction. Largely, this is to secure both you and the company in possible cases of burglary or theft. Regardless, if you have nothing to hide, then this small requirements are nothing but just necessary things which you wouldn’t mind complying to. Specifically, Ecoatm has 300 machines the nation over that can transform an ipod, tablet or telephone into cash. There are 70 stands in California, incorporating 13 in the San Diego locale.

Seeing The Process Closer

Step 1: Buyers touch the stand screen and select the contraption they need to empty.

Step 2: To really make sure and clarify the client is 18 and is of legal age, and that telephone to be traded in isn’t stolen, the machine takes a picture of you, your phone, and other necessary identification marks.

Step 3: Next a mark is printed with a serial number that the purchaser puts on the gadget. You have to offer then your gadget in an entryway shut machine where various Polaroid and mirrors would be taking pictures of the telephone and will then create a digitalized database of the phone.

Step 4: The machine evaluates your phone. It confirms that it is the phone model that you are actually indicating. It also checks for several marks, damages, scratches and chipped parts that will ultimately be factored in when it comes to deciding the price of your trade in. Afterwards it then analyzes and shows to you the possible and potential payout that it can offer to you. Normally, a slightly used or damaged Samsung Galaxy S3 would be offered with $150, a generous price compared to if you just had thrown away your phone.

Step 5: The machine then confirms whether you would want to agree with the deal or not. If you agree it gives away the money and you can now walk away with your cash.


EcoATM confirmed that 25 percent of the telephones they obtained are refined down for the gold, platinum and palladium, and up to 75 percent of the telephones are restored.”We’ll pay for anybody telephone, regardless of the possibility that its from 1990 or crushed and doesn’t work any longer,” said Tullie, the CEO of EcoATM.

Tullie accepts Ecoatm stands out over other online trade-in services for offering ipods, tablets and telephones in light of the fact that the customer doesn’t have to send anything via the post office and their clients can just walk away with their money after simply a couple of minutes.