Desktop PC VS Tablets


The invention of the computer has drastically changed the course of civilization. It together with the advent of the Internet, the world became smaller. Also the more advanced a piece of technology is, the smaller it is. From computers that occupy an entire room to one that is small enough to fit into your bag. Let’s determine what the better gadget is – desktop PC or tablet.

Consumer Electronics

Desktop PC’s have been around since the 80’s when Steve Jobs of Apple Computers started to make them. It went through a lot of changes. From plain computing alone, it turned to an all-in-one personal assistant. The decades have constantly reinforced the durability of the desktop PC. It now has a lot of uses and its now being incorporated in our daily lives. You can play games, send emails, surf the Web, make documents, use it for interpersonal communication and a lot more.

The advancements in computer technology made way for the tablet to the market. They are portable computers that look like over-sized smartphones. You can do your usual computer work with these such as email, games, documents, etc. Tablets have lots of more advanced features and perks unique to this device. There may be one that can be as better performing as a desktop computer but the price will be more expensive than a PC. Let’s check the difference between the two.

You can do a lot of tasks with both devices. But with desktop PC’s you can do so much more tasks than tablets. PC’s have better performance, better longevity and better usability. The tablet may be portable and easy to take along with but if you’re working with photo editing or video editing, PC’s will always be the better thing to use. A desktop computer is hard-wired to any connection whether the power or the internet. Even though it may be annoying, stability is more important than portability. With tablets you have limited battery time, leading to disruption in anything important that you do there. Also you cannot hard-wire your tablet with an Ethernet cable for your internet. They depend on Wi-Fi for web surfing unlike PC’s that have a more secure and stable connection.

In terms of versatility, the desktop PC will always be one step ahead of the tablet. With the best upgrades, you can complete tasks and play games with smooth flow. Without having to worry about lagging unless its requirements are way above what you have.

In the field of telecommunications, there is no office that uses tablets for communicating with clients from the other side of the world. It’s all done through the PC and everything is connected hard-wired in the office to have a more efficient line of communication.

As far as technology goes, nothing can still beat the classics. The desktop PC still wins versus the tablet in all aspects. Not a doubt about it.