The Basis Carbon Steel Edition: Quick Look Towards Pure Genius

The Basis: From Box To Features, This Monster Will Never Disappoint You

The Basis: From Box To Features, This Monster Will Never Disappoint You

A lot of people have been investing in sports calorie burn monitors nowadays. And as prices become one of the most determining factor in purchasing these items, few calorie burn monitors that can be seen now in the market are really at good quality- in terms of hardware and software. This is exactly the reason why we turned into the basis carbon steel edition- a calorie burn monitor which promises good quality right from the packaging. But is it really that worth it? Is it really a good purchase at the end of the day? Let us find out through this review.

Packaging Gives A Great Impression

Well, right from the packaging, we can already say a lot about it. We ordered a unit from their company and on the following day, it was already on our mail. The packaging contains a box that is sophisticated yet minimalistic. Inside, the monitor in a watch like form sits safely in an elegant cushion pad. We were pleased at this. But the packaging doesn’t consist all of it right? Hence we dug in deeper to it. [Read more…]

FitBit One Tracker: A look Into This New Tracker System

FitBit One Tracker: Can be worn as a watch or hooked in your pants or pockets for easier tracking

FitBit One Tracker: Can be worn as a watch or hooked in your pants or pockets for easier tracking

Many sports enthusiasts have been wanting to find and unbox the best sports fitness trackers there is available in the whole world. The Fitbit One tracker might just be one of those few efficient trackers that many have been dying to test out. This is the reason why our team decided to test out one gadget and see for ourselves on whether or not this less than a hundred dollar fitness tracker can really do something good for us or is it just a letdown for those future buyers. Without further explanation we go directly to the Fitbit review.

Price and General Features

One of the most important aspect of a fitness tracker is its price. Most likely you wouldn’t want to spend too much for a gadget that will not do anything else, but conversely you would also wouldn’t mind spending more if ever that gadget can do relatively more tasks compared to others. In light with this issue, the Fitbit tracker is sold at an average of $89-$99 which is obviously $50 dollars less compared to other competing fitness tracking system. We checked what could be the reason for this and it is basically due to the fact that it lacks colorful screens and fancy designs. But performance and feature wise, it still has the crucial and needed functionality for most trackers, that is a pedometer, a calorie burn monitor, a sleep tracker, and more surprisingly, an added feature which is a counter of the number of stair case steps you have achieved. All of these features are tightly packed in a less than 100 dollar price which is obviously great for those who are conscious of the quality of product that they purchase with their money. [Read more…]

Samsung Smart Gear Fit Review: Merging A Smartwatch with A Fitness Gear


It is sleek and stylish: But is it equally reliable? Find out in this review

It is sleek and stylish: But is it equally reliable? Find out in this review

            The Samsung Smart Gear Fit was one of the three major flagship smartwatches that waas announced and released by the Korean smartphone company Samsung after their series of success in the field of smart phone. They promised that this piece of art and technology can satisfy every customer’s need, technologically wise as well as in fitness. But is it really worth a try?

                After getting our hands on this new eye candy, we tried it immediately and after a week, here we are with a new review on this product. In a nutshell, this is not a negative review or even one that will convince you to buy this product, rather this is an honest review that aims to seek out both the advantages and disadvantages of this product. So here it goes guys! [Read more…]

Withings Pulse O2 Activity Review: Not Just An Ordinary Fitness Tracker

The Pulse O2 from Withings: What's so special about it?

The Pulse O2 from Withings: What’s so special about it?

The major concern perhaps of most people nowadays about several fitness trackers is the accuracy and speed of the existing gadgets that are out in the market in the status quo. Apparently, most trackers look good at start or that they may seem responsive during the unboxing but they become ultimately unreliable in the near future. That is what we stressed on our next reviews, and one of the machines that will be subjected to this new standard would be the Withings Pulse O2 activity tracker. Read on to know the advantages and disadvantages of this new gadget.

Major Features

We would want to be straight to the point right on the onset. What are the things that this gadget can offer and measure in the end? Just like other fitness trackers, the Pulse O2 can measure the following:

  • Steps taken
  • Elevation climbed actively
  • Distance travelled
  • Calories burned
  • Run: daily recap of duration and distance
  • Instant heart rate
  • Blood oxygen level (SpO2)
  • Sleep duration and quality
  • Light vs. deep sleep
  • Sleep interruptions

  [Read more…]

Calorie Burn Monitor Gadgets: A Peek Into These Wearable Fitness Coaches

Calorie Burn Trackers: Are They The Next Big Thing In Fitness Regimes?

Calorie Burn Trackers: Are They The Next Big Thing In Fitness Regimes?

I have been running for 12 minutes straight- sweat rushing down to my face and lower body, my legs began to feel the burning pain of exhaustion and lactic acid build up, and my feet seriously feels as if a pair of sand bags have been tied into them. It is really hard to follow a workout regimen and sure it is much more difficult if you don’t have any motivation or that you don’t know how much progress you have done over the days or hours. This is the exact reason why different workout progress trackers have been invented all throughout the years.

The Birth Of Fitness Calorie Trackers

With the advent of technology, several apps were coded like for example, weight loss tracker, diet trackers and even the distance by which you have run for today. But even if these apps were created, one can never really quantify how much you have progressed just by merely seeing how many kilometers you have run or that what were your weight data over the week. As technology became more advanced, the need to have a real time progress tracker was becoming inevitable- something that would not let you waste your time finding the nearest weighing skill or calculator just to measure and calculate how much you have lost or gained.

This was when calorie trackers were made. These trackers are simply worn and through a set of data such as heart rate, sweating volume, running mileage or distance covered, or the combination of all of these, one can necessarily know the amount of calories he had lost over the past few minutes. Today, a lot of companies have engaged in making these gadgets such as Adidas, Samsung and even Nike. By the year 2017, these companies are expecting over 90 million units will be sold to the general market.

The Benefits That They Promise

What are the benefits therefore of a calorie tracking gadget? To begin with, you would really want to know the progress of your exercise real time right? Just as seeing how much or how far you have run can make you inspired and motivated to run more, a calorie tracker can also light up your passion and can even motivate you more. Of course you would want to exercise more if you know that you are burning much calorie at a given time. This is one of the benefits it can give you- an active motivator.

Second, if you are following a diet program or a fitness regimen, then you would want to know if it is working efficiently or effectively. If you found out that you are burning much calories though that program- then you would want to continue on it. But if you found out that after so much work, you’ve lost only a little amount, then you’ll know whether there is something wrong with your workout, or is the workout not suitable for you or if it isn’t just worth the time and effort- hence you can find another one and shift to it- as fast as possible. The only way to know this is through being able to know how much calories you have lost, and these gadgets are the only ones who can provide you with that data.

Lastly, these gadgets can tell you that what you have done is enough or that you still have to run more or exercise more. Some of us stop feeling satisfied just because we feel that we have done enough. While some of us also tend to overwork due to the fact that we feel we aren’t exerting enough effort. This gadgets can tell you when to stop, when it is enough, and when everything is working perfectly and efficiently. Thus, you would have an idea that after you have done your exercise program, you are sure and satisfied knowing that there is a clear evidence that backs that “feeling” in you.

Who Are The Most Suitable Users Of These

The most suitable users of these are professional runners and athletes who would really want to track their performance stringently. Coaches can rely on these data as they don’t have to estimate everything or follow a routine that may or may not work for a specific athlete. With these gadgets, coaches can design programs for specific athletes on a case to case basis and work out something that would definitely be effective on the individual.

On the other hand, even average people or those who just want to exercise or lose weight can also use this gadget. It can provide you with a clear cut image of how much your efforts are paying off. Gym buffs can also use these gadgets in order to track their performance and make some adjustments as soon as they observe that the data and values are not agreeing to their end goals.

How Do They Come Up With Those Values Anyway?

The real mystery lies on the technology or the way on how these gadgets come up with the conclusion that this is how much you are exactly losing. The thing is, each gadget uses different technologies, ways and metrics when it comes to predicting how much calories you have burned. Needless to say, they also use different algorithms and equations in solving your calorie burning rate.

Some use your heart rate, distance covered through GPS, sweat rate, body temperature and even rate of breathing. Some also detect the overall movement of your body. After all these data have been collected, they then use either your age, gender, work, and even body weight and height to measure the calories that you have burned. There isn’t any clear algorithm really or even input as to what really should be used. In reality, all of these factors should be considered and each person is a unique problem for nature. Hence, one gadget may accurately measure your calorie loss while the other might not. Hence, we would be reviewing in the next week the different gadgets in order to give you a clear picture and advice as to what should you buy and which gadget is the most holistic and comprehensive.


In conclusion, one can say that in this world, and with the level of technology that we have right now, knowing how much progress you have been making over the past few minutes is a real convenience. If you are someone who really feels motivated by knowing the amount of progress you are having, then by all means having this gadget is a necessity. However, one should really be careful in choosing the gadget that they would be using. Some may have a margin of error of up to 60%. Over the next few days, we will be reviewing the gadgets that are available in the market in order to ensure you that what you are purchasing is really genuine and accurate.