Blu-Ray VS Streaming Media


Ever since advancements in technology came to be, people constantly want more entertainment. Many forms of mass media provide regulated entertainment to the masses but people want more unprecedented access to movies and TV shows. This is where video-on-demand streaming enters the picture. But before all these Netflix, VUDU and iTunes came to existence, there was Blu-Ray.

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They say Blu-Ray is the last mass market video disc format and streaming media will be the one responsible for taking it off the retail world. But many people still have the enthusiasm for this video platform. Many people stream video-on-demand for casual viewing or viewing with friends. But for serious home entertainment viewing, some use Blu-Ray for more high definition viewing. Let’s try to compare these two forms of video entertainment.

In terms of video quality, Blu-Ray still has higher quality video compared to streaming media. Though streaming media offers 1080p streaming, your internet connection is still the most important factor. No matter how you have high quality streaming but if you have connectivity problems, it’s still useless. The quality of the video depends on the traffic or the consistency of your connection. But Blu-ray maintains constant quality overall.

High definition video is useless if you have bad audio quality. Imagine watching a 1080p film with sounds that sound like cheap earphones. That could be disappointing for people who want to have a full HD experience. Blu-Ray has Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack which means super high quality audio. This is way beyond the quality you can find in video-on-demand services. They only have Dolby Digital 5.1 for standard audio quality and Dolby Digital Plus for a bit higher one. Streaming media cannot offer this type of sound quality and if they do have HD soundtracks, it only happens on a rare occasion.

Another thing in Blu-Ray that sets it apart from streaming media is the bonus content. We love checking out bonus content for any movie since it also contains a lot of extras. Examples of which are documentaries, interactive content, commentaries and the like. However video-on-demand companies now offer bonus content but possibly with extra charges since it’s apart from what you really pay for your rentals. With Blu-Ray, you get to enjoy good quality movies and view bonus content. All in the price of one.

Consistency is the one thing that customers want to have in any service they avail. The major setback with streaming media is the reliance on internet connection. If you’re having problems with your internet connection, most likely you won’t be able to watch your favorite movies or TV shows. But with Blu-Ray, you won’t care about the loss of your connection. You just need to make sure nobody disturbs you while you marvel at the beauty of super high quality entertainment.

When it comes to rental costs, Blu-Ray rentals are way cheaper compared to video streaming. Prices of video streaming rentals can be as high as 5.99 USD but with Blu-Ray, you only spend about 1.50 USD on rentals alone. Looks like you can save more if you use Blu-Ray rather than streaming media. You get to enjoy all the high quality video and sound with a price that fits everyone’s pockets.