Basis Peak Review


Basis Peak Review

Being the first wrist-activity band with a built-in heart rate monitor, the Basis Peak is something that paved the way for future fitness trackers that can provide you with various, relevant information. This device costs at $199 and it can provide you with notifications of any activities in your smartphone. It will let you see who’s texting or calling without the need of taking your phone out from your pocket.


If you have seen the Basis B1 then you will definitely notice how much the design has evolved. This device is much slimmer and has a much larger screen than the previous one. The band is designed similarly to that of a traditional watch which makes it look less than a sports-centric device. The watch face displays your heart rate and it has 4 metal contacts that can measure how much you’re sweating as well as the current temperature of your skin.


It has a black-and-white LCD touch screen that measures at 1 x 0.75-inch. Despite the non-colored display, it is easily readable in broad daylight and during nighttime as well. It always shows the time thus letting you be aware of how long you’ve been doing your physical activity.


The watch has no physical buttons on it thus allowing you to actually swipe through the touch screen display to perform whatever it is that you need to do. By swiping to the right, you will be taken to the settings menu while swiping to the left will take you to the heart rate monitor. Swiping once more to the left will take you to the stats of your current activity which includes calories, steps, and the duration. And swiping up on that screen will display your total activity for the entire day.


It has data-heavy fitness apps that will make every fitness enthusiast happy. This device will provide all the data you need to keep track of your fitness goals and for you to see if there’s a need to increase the intensity of your training. So consider it as your personal trainer that can surely help you stay motivate each time you work out.

Overall, this device certainly gave an improvement over the Basis B1 band. It is much sleeker and more comfortable to wear and really goes well with the different apps that can go great for tracking your current fitness goals.