Analyzing The Gazelle iPhone Trade-In System

Gazelle: What is Your iPhone's Worth?

Gazelle: What is Your iPhone’s Worth?

There are a lot of phone trade-in services that are available now in status quo. Some do offer a lot of benefits while some offer seemingly harsh and not-so-good trade-in services. Of course, these varies from service to service and from one phone to another. Meaning, there is no one-shop-fits-all type of phone that exists. That’s exactly the reason why today, we decided to disembark into a review about Gazelle and specifically about iPhone.

What’s The Fuss About Gazelle?

Well, to be honest with you guys- nothing much. Gazelle is just your ordinary phone and gadget dealer and yes, they do have a trade-in system that allows you to trade-in the phone that you bought from them for cash. They are like Amazon and BestBuy it is just that they vary from one phone to another.

Why iPhone Therefore?

                We would want to be straight to the point. The reason why we chose iPhone and no other gadget is that we believe that it is the best service available when it comes to Apple products, yet on the same breathe, for other phones and gadget, we do not recommend Gazelle. For one, Gazelle only offers good price to phones that are in good condition. Second, they would want it to be as updated and new as possible. So, even if EcoATM for example offers relatively lower price tags compared to Gazelle in iPhone trade-ins, at least EcoATM accepts very old phones- Gazelle, doesn’t. Thirdly, Gazelle only offers good trade-in services compared to other services if and only if the phone or gadget is made by Apple. Of course they do accept other brands, but personally, we would prefer Amazon, USell, EcoATM and even eBay for that matter as they offer higher trade-in values for other phones. But, for iPhone, with all honesty, Gazelle offers the best price.

Comparing the Prices

We tried to produce an iPhone that was in good condition and was still relatively flawless and tried to test them on four stores. For the raw data, here are all of the crucial information that were gathered:

For iPhone 4:

iPhone 4, 8GB:

  • Apple: $105 – $155
  • Gazelle: $134 – $149
  • uSell: $128 – $142
  • Amazon: $195 – $230
  • eBay: $170

iPhone 4, 16GB:

  • Apple: $120 – $170
  • Gazelle: $146 – $160
  • uSell: $152 – $165
  • Amazon: $229 – $270
  • eBay: $180

iPhone 4, 32GB:

  • Apple: $135 – $185
  • Gazelle: $159 – $173
  • uSell: $157 – $157
  • Amazon: $255 – $300
  • eBay: $235

For iPhone 4S:

iPhone 4S, 16GB:

  • Apple: $235 – $285
  • Gazelle: $277 – $290
  • uSell: $225 – $260
  • Amazon: $348 – $410
  • eBay: $300

iPhone 4S, 32GB:

  • Apple: $280 – $330
  • Gazelle: $280 – $295
  • uSell: $240 – $283
  • Amazon: $386 – $455
  • eBay: $315

iPhone 4S, 64GB:

  • Apple: $295 – $345
  • Gazelle: $294 – $314
  • uSell: $275 – $321
  • Amazon: $425 – $500
  • eBay: $400

Analyzing All Data

If you try to look at it, eBay and Amazon had the highest pay-up options. And Gazelle and Apple are only next with Gazelle, surprisingly having more generous offers compared to Apple Store. But you see, this is exactly where the problem starts. In Apple and Gazelle, it’s the exact store that buys the product. But for Amazon and eBay, it is the users who would choose whether to buy your iPhone or not. Hence, some of them would really look for high quality phones. Therefore, even if Amazon and eBay offers , more generous prices, these prices are still subject to the users discretion and you are not really certain when a user will be bumping on your page or when someone would buy it. Therefore, for us, it would be safer to sell it on Gazelle rather than on eBay or Amazon since at least, in Gazelle, your iPhone would certainly be bought immediately compared to Amazon or eBay where you should still wait.