The Best of CES 2015 Drone: AirDog



Imagine a camera man tightly holding his video camera on his shoulders, being careful not to let go of it while inside a small helicopter that’s thousands of feet high from the ground. The extra effort and extra risk are all part of the job to make sure that the perfect aerial shot is taken. Well that’s not the case anymore for today’s highly technological generation.

It cannot be denied that videography has really risen to a great importance when it comes to media and entertainment. And there are certain shots that need to be taken in order to realize a certain idea. However what men can do is expectedly limited and we can’t always make things happen. But we are absolutely wise enough to let some other things make it happen for us. What men cannot do, drones can now!

In this year’s very recent largest technological display of various consumer electronics, CES 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada, a drone made a lot of buzz and caught a lot of attention. It was recognized as the best of CES 2015 drone and ranked 2nd in the overall poll of all the electronics that were displayed. We don’t need a camera man in a helicopter anymore just to get those perfect aerial shots, because the AirDog can do the job and even way better!

The AirDog is an extreme sports filming drone that was birthed by the ingenuity of a few Latvian people from “Helico Aerospace Industries”. It was first launched on June 2014 and had undergone numerous upgrades ever since. As its name implies, its basic function is to be flown up in the air and be like an aerial cameraman capturing the right aerial shots. The idea of it as a dog goes beyond its aesthetics. It does look like a dog with its mustard colored body and four purple spread arms that resemble that of a dog’s legs, but it was named as such in order to best describe how it literally follows you wherever you go, just like a pet dog.

Of course, the AirDog is not the one of its kind. There are other drones that are also making a few buzz in the market, but what sets it apart from the rest is its clear focus. It supports Sony and GoPro cameras and has customizable modes for different sports. With its wrist worn leash, it will literally follow you wherever you go and it is the leading drone when it comes to action sports video. When you’re done using it, just fold it and slid it inside your backpack. That’s how handy it can be.

Since it was first launched in June 2014, the AirDog had a lot of upgrades that ranked it to the top among its other competitors. Aside from the improved design, it has now an IMU, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, magnetometer, GPS, ground collision sensor and obstacle avoidance sonar (OAS).  Among all these upgrades, it’s the OAS that has truly made AirDog the best and its recognition during the 2015 CES made this truth known worldwide.